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Today, I want to introduce my friend, Lisa M. Buske.    She is funny, sweet, extremely talented, thoughtful and encouraging.  She has also experienced loss.  Her sister, Heidi Allen, was kidnapped in 1994 from a local convenience store where she was working on Easter Sunday.  She has never been found and is presumed dead.  

It's been nineteen years and though the pain of that day is not raw, it is still ever present in her family's heart.  However, Lisa's story isn't stuck on that day.  God used that tragic event to lead her to himself and change her life.  She radiates joy and peace.

Lisa has written three books, all available on and I wanted to share the book descriptions that were written by Lisa.

When the Waves Subside: There is Hope, released on January 30th, 2013. ~ Available on Kindle
A thirty-two page book, formatted like a children’s book to encourage the grieving parent.
When the Waves Subside: There is Hope is written by a daughter for her parents out of appreciation for their strength, love, and perseverance since the disappearance of their youngest daughter, Heidi M. Allen. My parents started to look for glass rocks while they were dating and after my sister and I joined the family, the tradition continued. "When the Waves Subside" represents the similarities between broken glass and the parent grieving the loss of their child.


Where's Heidi: One Sister's Journey, released on April 3, 2013

In 1994, my only sister was abducted while working alone at a local convenience store. The journey starts with an early morning phone call then details of the emotions, grief, and confusion felt in those first moments while transitioning through the days, months, and years that follow. A sibling's journey is different from that of a parent. Our role and feelings cannot compare yet they are just as important. Parents experience the greatest loss of their lives through the loss of their child and the emotional loss of the surviving children is just as traumatic. I lost more than my sister on April 3, 1994 I lost my faith. Thanks to the boldness and faith of a child, I have hope and a story to share. There is no one person or thing here on earth to replace Heidi or the friendship we had together yet after ten years of searching I realized there is Someone who can, God. “Mrs. Buske, you need Jesus.” He was right. My name is Lisa M. Buske and Heidi Allen is my sister. She remains missing but never forgotten. Our journeys after loss may vary yet the pain, grief, and need for hope are similar. This is my story of discovery, healing, and hope from the moment I learn of Heidi’s kidnapping until today. Life after loss is a rollercoaster ride of memories and emotions. Will you take this ride with me?


Encourage Others: One Day at a Time,  released this summer. 
 An organizational book to help keep track of the important dates associated with the people you know, so you can “encourage” them with a note, card, or phone call this year and for years to come. 

As a child I watched my Mom, Gram, great-aunts, and aunts dedicate time to send cards and share baked good with those needing a pick-me-up. Births, deaths, wedding anniversaries, and celebrations were recorded on “the” calendar. At the close of each year, they were transferred to following year’s calendar so no one would be forgotten. A name written meant there was a reason to pray and encourage someone on that date. In addition to prayer, tangible remembrance and celebration blessed them too on occasion. A tradition I pray to pass on to my daughter, grandchildren, and hopefully YOU This book is divided by the months of the year. Each month then has four categories to organize your information. These are: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Anniversaries of Death, and miscellaneous dates someone might need a little encouragement. Keep this resource with your address book, near the telephone, or in your purse. You never know when there will be cause to add a new life event and opportunity to bless and encourage someone else.

I encourage you to purchase one or all three of Lisa's books.  Also, you can check out her blog at Lisa M. Buske.   I think you'll come to love and appreciate her as much as I do!

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  1. Terri,

    Thank you for this beautiful blog. With tears of joy and thankfulness I respond. I pray anyone who experiences tragedy in their life comes to know God is not to blame and instead, leans on HIM. My writing and speaking is one way I share this with others.

    My books pricing is reduced for the month of September in remembrance of my sister, Heidi M Allen. She would be thirty-eight years old on September 14. Thank you for remembering her.

    Thanks again my sweet friend,
    Lisa M Buske


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