Monday, September 30, 2013

Mulitude Monday

I Chronicles 16:8-10 ~ 

Praise the Lord
    and pray in his name!
Tell everyone
    what he has done.
Sing praises to the Lord!
    Tell about his miracles.
Celebrate and worship
his holy name
    with all your heart.

There are so many wonderful and beautiful things to be thankful for this week.  As His children, we are to share that with others.  Don't keep your blessings to yourself.  Give them away!  Celebrate the miracles.  Shout the praises from the rooftops!  When you share your blessings and the ways God has worked than you, in turn, will be a blessing.

I have lots of things to share this week!

Today, I'm thankful for blessings #1761-1777.

♫ A solid week of productivity.

♫ Apples that smell and taste sweet.

♫ Laughter.

♫ Chatting with old friends.

♫ Rest and refreshment on a weekend retreat.

♫ Hearing how God is working through another person's ministry.

♫ The thinking process of children - so cute! 

♫ An unexpected blessing as someone cleaned out their cupboard.

♫ Some clothing for my daughter.

♫ Voices blending together in harmony.

♫ A family who loves me.

♫ My son's excitement at purchasing a new Bible.

♫ Warm autumn days

♫ Seeing some in our congregation excited about prayer.

♫ Lively conversations with my husband.

♫ God providing for a need in an unexpected way and with the exact amount of money I needed to the penny.

and finally...

♫ A new day and a new week to celebrate those blessings!