Monday, September 9, 2013

Multitude Monday

This was a week of many blessings; some small and some big.  It was also a week of mistakes; again, some small and some big.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity this week to look back and give thanks and I'm also thankful for a Lord who forgives me and encourages me to move forward.

This week I'm thankful blessings -  #1717 - 1736. 

♥ Warm hugs, reminiscing and prayers with a friend who lost her sweet husband.

♥ Tears of thankfulness welling up as she told me to thank my son for working diligently on her husband until the ambulance got there.

♥  Incredible strength in the midst of grief.

♥ Blessing a friend by making memories from the favorite shirts of an aunt who recently passed away.

♥ A wonderful visit with an international worker, talking about his work.

♥ Hot apple pie.

♥ Seeing how stepping out in faith can move mountains.

♥ Enthusiastic teens helping to lead a song.

♥ Smiles on a Sunday morning.

♥ Laughter.

♥ Emily excited for a new adventure - she started 9th grade in a new school this morning. 
 ♥ My new book is on the top ten list of hot new Christmas releases on Amazon and in the top 100 of Christian living>Holidays>Christmas books!  Whoo hoo!!!!

♥ The generosity of a friend who shared peaches.
♥ Another friend who is letting me come and pick from her garden.

♥ Still another friend who told me to come and get pears and apples off her trees.  

♥ Promises in the sky.
♥ The enjoyment of cooking.

♥ Happy customers.

♥ Renewed excitement

And finally...

♥ Forgiveness!