Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Happy Place


I'm in my happy place today....my kitchen.  

You have my permission to send me a big ole email next year if I ever decide not to plant a garden again.  Just remind me of how much I missed it this year.  Don't get me wrong, I hate weeding and I really hate losing veggies to pests.  We have three woodchucks out there this year.  But I certainly love the harvest!  

I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about the yummy things coming in the colder months that my hands planted, harvested and put up.  And I can tell you that it's not the same to buy the veggies and can them.  It's so much nicer and fresher to pick them straight from the vine.

Thanks to two generous friends, I had some veggies and two shopping bags full of peaches to contend with today.

So I've been in my kitchen doing the following...

♥ Cooking down a bag of tomatoes into sauce.

♥ Peeling and slicing peaches to freeze for pies.

♥ Made a peach pie for Dan.

♥ Made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for snacks and lunches.

♥ Making potato salad for dinner.

Still to do...

♥ Process a bag of green beans.

♥ Make coleslaw for dinner.

♥ And of course, make dinner.

I love working in my kitchen and trying to save us some money.  It's always a special blessing when I can do it with veggies that were a gift.

I'm taking a break right now because my back and knees are not happy, but I'll be back in my happy place soon.

Now if I could just get that happy about cleaning! ;-)