Friday, September 6, 2013

Spreading their Wings

There is nothing so satisfying to me as a mother then to see my children spread their wings and fly.  I've seen a level of maturity in my children lately that encourages me.

♥ Emily is excited for high school.  She starts on Monday and is determined to do well.  She is going into a school with almost 3,500 students and yet, is looking forward to it.  I've watched her become very independent lately.

♥ Stephen, is tutoring this year at the college and is doing fantastic.  I love seeing how is passion for social justice matches his gift of mercy.  He is learning much, taking responsibility, and maturing.

♥ Nathan is growing into a man.  His biggest complaint is the lack of hours he is getting at the store he works at and would love to find a job that would allow him to work full-time.  I've seen him grow in the way he handles stress and disappointment.  This week, he handled a situation that involved giving CPR to a friend who didn't make it in a very mature manner. 

I love my children and am enjoying the process of watching them grow into responsible, caring adults.  It makes me feel that despite our weaknesses (and there are many), Dan & I have done something right.  I know that is only by the grace of God!