Friday, October 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I decided to combine my normal Thrifty Thursday post with a Crafty things post to make it a Fabulous Friday! lol 

We have never done the whole Halloween thing around here.  Personally, it's one of those holidays that I think we should just skip over and with allergies and what not, it just seems pointless.  However, I do realize not everyone feels the same way and that's fine.  The youth group decided to have a party and let the kids dress up, as long as it was something not evil. 

Emily wanted to be a cat.  We are very tight right now and I don't have money to go buy a costume nor would I want to for one night out of the entire year.  Fortunately, my daughter is starting to buy into my frugal ways and she said that all she needed was a tail and some ears.

So I whipped them up for her.   She told me that all I had to do was cut some construction paper ears, but I thought her frugality deserved a superior set of them! :-)

Here was the final result.  Isn't she cute?

This has been a busy week of sewing.  I have a craft fair coming up in two weeks.  The local boutique that carries some of my things wanted some children's aprons and sold out of the table runners I had there.  Also I received a message last night from a local tea store that they needed more tea cozies and tea totes.  

These are all great problems to have but I've been busy, busy, busy! :-)

Here are the children's aprons.  I love the fabric on these.

 I made an adult apron and have the material cut out for the second.

I made a bunch of tissue holders.  I filled an order for 18 tea totes and forgot to take a picture.

This morning I put together a table runner top.  I just need to sandwich it, quilt it and bind it.   You can tell the holidays are coming!

So I've been getting orders.  I'm productive.  I'm frugal.  And I feel fabulous on this Friday! :-)