Thursday, October 17, 2013


Puttering.   I guess that's how you could describe my week.  I've been off facebook for the most part, except to update my craft page and Words of Encouragement page.  I've spent the week praying for various situations and people.  I've focused on my home.

And I love it!  Things have gotten accomplished around here that normally don't.  I've spent time in God's Word every day.  I've been productive.  I've been peaceful.

It makes me realize what a time-sucker the internet can be.  I have always tried to use it for ministry and for good, but it still eats up so much of my time.  So I've just stayed away, other than just a few minutes here or there.

In the past 3 days...

♥ I've spent time with my family.

♥ I've baked things for sale and for my husband and children.

♥ I've done countless loads of laundry.

♥ I've prepared a talk for a luncheon on Monday.

♥ I've filled some sewing orders.

♥ My house is clean!

♥ I've started purging and organizing some things.

I'll be spending more time today making jam, organizing some closets, sewing and packing for an out of town excursion we are taking this weekend.

I love the days that I putter and don't just sit in front of this screen!   I hope your day is blessed and productive as well!