Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's for Dinner - 10/7-10/13/13

It's time for some menu planning again.  I did a great job this week on groceries, considering the cost of everything has gone up and we live in one of the most expensive counties in New York State.  I spent $118 for a family of five (3 adult men), which includes meat, fresh fruits and veggies, and some specialty items.

Here is the plan for breakfast & dinner.  During the week it's generally just me or Nathan and we'll eat leftovers:

B - waffles, juice
D - Linguini with creamy clam sauce, homemade Italian bread, tossed salad, ice cream

B - Granola
D - Loaded pizza macaroni & cheese casserole, homemade focaccia, tossed salad

B - Homemade cinnamon/raisin bagels, juice
D - Roast chicken, roasted root vegetables, homemade biscuits, apple cake

B - Cereal, juice
D - Honey baked lentils, rice, tossed salad

B - Apple fritters, juice
D - Homemade pizza - choice of veggie or pepperoni, tossed salad

B - Swedish pancakes, sausage, juice
L - Homemade chicken soup, Italian bread
D - Family picnic at church

B - Cereal, juice
L - Spaghetti squash with feta, tomatoes, and black olives, homemade naan, tossed salad, ice cream
D - Leftovers

Posting the menu each week has definitely been helpful!