Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yearly Goal Review

Another month has come and gone.  Can you believe tomorrow will be November 1st?  The time has just flown by this fall.  I haven't taken a look at my yearly goals in a while and I thought the end of a month would be a good time to do this. 

Here were the goals that I wrote out at the beginning of the year.  Underneath each category I've written my progress.

2013 Goals

Spiritual Goals
► Set aside regular time reading my Bible and spending time in prayer.
► Keep a journal of how God is providing for us so I don't forget. 

There is always room for improvement but I've been doing pretty well with having a regular time in God's word and prayer.   The hardest part for me right now is that everyone is up early when I used to have it and I cannot concentrate when someone is around.  So I think I'm going to have to just regroup and find a different time.

Again, I find that my journal of blessings is done here as part of Multitude Monday.  I've listed 390 ways I have been blessed this year, but of course, there are hundreds more!

Marriage Relationship
► Work on saying 2-3 positive things to my husband each day.
► Have a date night 2 times per month.

Making a conscious effort to speak blessing to my husband is such a positive thing for our marriage.  I find that when I do that, he feels better about himself and in turn, a better husband.  Not that he had too much problem in that department, but it certainly is a blessing for our marriage.  

We've been doing okay with the twice a month date night too.

Health & Nutrition
► Lose 30 lbs. this year.
► Take a multivitamin each day to increase Vitamin D levels (they are low)
► Have an intentional exercise time at least 3 times per week.

Well, I lost 10 lbs. back in the summer due to diverticulitis, but I think I may have gained it back.  I don't know because my scale broke when a picture fell on it.  Of course, I haven't gotten a new one and not sure I want to! lol  I definitely need to work on this but I'm thinking 30 lbs. in two months might be unrealistic! ;-)

Vitamin D levels are back to normal due to the supplement I take as well as soaking up some sunshine this summer and fall.  I need to get outside more!

Household Organization
► Set up household budget on Excel
► Keep food and household budget to $125 per week.
► Improve garden soil so it will produce better.
► Complete 1 craft or sewing project per week.


I have the budget set up on Excel but I haven't entered in anything in months.  Terrible!

Food budget is doing well, despite the high prices.  Some weeks were higher but others were lower so it's averaged out to that.

No garden this year.

Sewing has been moving along this year.  I can honestly say I do probably about 4-5 sewing projects per week.  Two local stores are carrying my craft items and they are selling well there.  The Etsy shop is "Meh" but I keep trying.

► Invite at least 2 people/families over per month.

I definitely did better at this the first half of the year.  It's been a busy summer & fall.  With Dan working full-time and then almost every weekend taken up with church stuff or craft fairs, it just hasn't happened.

► Complete one writing project this year. I have a couple of things in the works and I would like to finish one of them this year.
► Read at least one book per month just for the joy of it.

Completed two major writing projects this year - Words of Encouragement for a Discouraged World finished and published!  One Clear, Still Night finished and published.  Whoo hoo!!!!!!

Finished a couple of Agatha Christie books recently.

I've done a pretty good job this year of sticking with my goals and actually accomplishing them.  I'm hoping to finish the year strong!