Monday, November 11, 2013

A Love Letter

2 Corinthians 3:2-3 ~

But you are our letter, and you are in our hearts for everyone to read and understand. You are like a letter written by Christ and delivered by us. But you are not written with pen and ink or on tablets made of stone. You are written in our hearts by the Spirit of the living God.

Dan preached on this passage yesterday and it describes our ten and a half years of ministry here.  Our people are written on our hearts.  Christ wrote the letter in each person in our congregation, but we carry that letter inside of us no matter where we go.

We will always look back with love on this group of people.  It hasn't always been easy.  There have been times of heartbreak and tears.  But much of our time here has been a time of sweetness and laughter and joy!

Today, I want to share a few photos of our 10 years.



Today, I'm thankful for blessings #1807- 1820

♫ Beautiful guitar playing.

♫ The gift of time with my grandmother.

♫ The generosity of others to bless us.

♫ A son who poured his heart out to us.

♫ A wonderful day of sales.

♫ Warm sweaters.

♫ Bright sunshine peeking through on a cloudy day

♫ Brilliant sunsets.

♫ Answered prayer.

♫ Good friends.

♫ A sewing machine that helps me make money.

♫ Chocolate chip and pumpkin muffins, warm from the oven.

♫ Big bear hugs.

and finally...

♫ A love letter, written on our hearts forever.