Monday, November 4, 2013

Multitude Monday

Yesterday was a bitter-sweet, hard day.  Ten and a half years ago, God called us to this area as church planters.  We spent 5 1/2 years doing that and then merged our church plant with our current church after they lost their pastor and spent another 5 years here.  We've ministered to the same basic group of people that entire time.

We've seen children grow from preschoolers to teenagers.  Dan has baptized, married and buried people.  We have cried with these people.  We have laughed with them.  We have loved them and for the most part, they have loved us.

However, God often calls His people to go out and when He does that, you need to follow.  We received that call recently and have accepted it.  We will be leaving here at the end of December and beginning in a new church further to the north and the west, but still in New York.  We'll be braving snow - a lot of it and cold weather.  But we will be following where God is leading and I know He is in it.

We are excited.  We are anticipating our new ministry.  But we are sad too.  Sad to leave people that we love with all our hearts and have been with us through ups and downs, mountains and valleys.  People that we consider family and people that we've seen grow spiritually. Friends who have seen our family through many milestones.

We will miss them.  But we also know God has a plan for them too and it is a good plan. 

Today, I'm thankful for blessings #1797 - 1806

♥ The smell of vanilla-hazelnut candles.

♥ Very specific answers to prayer.

♥ Warm hugs.

♥ Meeting new people.

♥ Thankful for a husband who listens for God's direction.

♥ Roasted pumpkin seeds. 

♥ The pieces of the puzzle falling into place.  In other words, God works out the details.

♥ Time to say a proper goodbye.

♥ A huge, unexpected blessing that was sent our way.

and finally...

♥ God's leading into a new adventure.