Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Walk in the Winter Wood

I love walking through the winter wood. The cold air and freshness helps to clear my thoughts.  I feel the fog that comes from days spent indoors begin to lift from my brain.

All is peaceful and silent.  The only sound are my boots, crunching in the snow.

Splashes of color on a white background.

And bits of life still clinging to the trees.

The silence is only broken by the whir of bird's wings from time to time.  

I find it easier to commune with the Creator, walking in His creation.  We are alone in the world and I can hear that still, small voice more clearly.  I find it easier to pray without the millions of daily distractions buzzing at my head.

I could spend hours walking, but eventually must turn back home. 

I look forward to the next walk in the winter wood.