Friday, December 6, 2013

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Remember the description of Superman?  He was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to jump tall buildings in a single bound. 

Well, that's what I'm going to have to do in the next two weeks.  We made the decision to move a week earlier and will be leaving on the 21st.  So that leaves me with just 15 more days to pack up the house!  Breathe in ~ breathe out ~ breathe in ~ breathe out.

So I'm plugging away at my list and adding to it as I think of things.

However, I'm going to continue to stay organized and write out a weekly to-do list here for the big items.  I will carry over my list from the week before so I can see my progress.

Week of 11/24-11/30/13

Finish 3 table runners - Actually, made four of these between Sunday and Tuesday.  Crazy!
Finish 2 tea cozies - Made one as well as two bread baskets and that is it folks!
Make pies & bread for Thanksgiving orders (Made 7 pies, 4 dozen rolls, and 2 loaves of Challah)
Trip to dentist  This has been postponed until Monday
Drop off items at boutique
My own Thanksgiving dinner
Set up Christmas tree - there will be a revolt if I don't have the tree.
Haircut for me
Cut Dan & Nathan's hair
Pack 6 boxes - Alas, I packed ZERO, ZIP, NADA!
Go to my sisters for the weekend - Heading out this morning 
Took car to garage to replace water pump.
Get rid of piano
Get rid of entertainment center

Week of 12/1-12/6/2013

♥ Dental appointment
♥ Fill out school papers for Emily's new school (a huge packet). Done except for the address and phone number since we need to get that in place first
♥ Take medical form to doctor for signature
♥ Help Nathan with resignation letter for his job
♥ Dan got a post office box at the new place
♥ Pack at least 10 boxes 20 Boxes!  Whoo hoo!!!
♥ Purge all the clothes in the house - bag up those going to thrift store  Emily's room & our room complete
♥ Make 2 aprons for an order
♥ Visit friend for lunch on Wednesday
♥ Visit different friend for lunch on Friday 
♥ Change the address at the post office
♥ Make cookies for a cookie swap next Saturday (They are going into the freezer)
♥ Divvy out all the computer files to different people in the church who are taking over my jobs
♥ Purge craft items that I don't use and give away.
♥ Make a phone call to see about getting services set up for Nathan in new location.
♥ Pull old dresser out of Nathan's room
♥ Call friends to get specifics on Stephen's living arrangements 

Week of 12/7-12/13/2013 (Carrying forward the things I didn't finish)

♥ Back up fabric I'm giving away
♥ Post furniture on facebook that I'm giving away  Yay, it all went within minutes!
♥ Friend's Christmas open house
♥ Go to Joann Fabric to pick up fabric for order
♥ Drop off order
♥ Drop off clothing at clothing bin
♥ Cookie swap; package cookies
♥ Set up phone & internet in new house.
♥ Take medical forms to doctor to sign for Emily's epipen & inhaler
♥ Doctor appointment to get results of sleep study
♥ Purge clothes in Nathan & Stephen's room - pack up those going to thrift shop
♥ Make 2 aprons for order. One finished and the other almost there
Pull old dresser out of Nathan's room
♥ Pull furniture that's going out of Emily's room
♥ File quarterly sales tax return for the business
♥ Take down curtains in the house, wash and pack
♥ Fill out and fax forms to get the house electric put back in the church name 
♥ File an annual report for the church
♥ Pull all clothes out of Master bedroom dressers as the furniture is going to a friend
♥ Vacuum cobwebs in the corners and on ceilings downstairs and in Master bedroom 
♥ Pack 10 boxes
♥ Figure out how to get Stephen's furniture to his new apartment
♥ Narrow down the furniture to what's going and what's being given away
♥ Fire house giving us a going away party.

I'm sure there will be a lot more but that's what's on the list so far.  

Some great news is that Dan & Nathan went up to the new church on Wednesday & Thursday and Nathan was interviewed by the fire department.  They voted him in so he is an official member of their department.  He just has to go through a few month probation period.  He loved it up there and didn't want to come back!  That is a wonderful thing.

If you see a blue flash, it's not superman.  It's ME!