Thursday, December 19, 2013

Making a List and Checking it Twice

What a whirlwind it's been the past month and I'm so thankful that I actually started making the list of my to-dos for the move.  I've gotten a lot done and even though I am in utter chaos right now, it's nice to see how much I've accomplished.  As hard as it was, I'm glad that I turned everything over to other people at church because I know that I would have been so much more stressed trying to do bulletins, worship, children's church, etc. on top of packing.

I was ruthless about being organized and sticking with my list and because of that, I've  also had time to do a few things that have nothing to do with packing or decluttering such as baking cookies, Christmas shopping and visiting with friends.
We were also blessed with a few snow days which allowed Dan to help with the list.  Two working together are definitely better than one! lol

I went through my lists, which are in previous posts, and rechecked to see what was still needed.  Here is the plan for today and tomorrow and then it's MOVING DAY!

♥ Someone coming to haul away junk this morning
♥ File paperwork that's on my computer desk and the dining room table
♥ Get everything next door that belongs at the church - just a few things
♥ Drop off a few items to a friend
♥ Pick up craft items from the stores that carry them 
♥ A bit more Christmas shopping Whoo Hoo!!!!  Finished!
♥ Wrap all the gifts
♥ Withdraw Emily from school - the silly school will not call me back so I can know exactly what to do so I'll probably have to make a trip there
♥ Go to laundromat to do all the bedding
♥ Finish packing - basically just have my kitchen and a few odds and ends scattered here or there.
♥ Get boxes organized for move
♥ Dinner with friends on Friday night  
♥ Dan picking up the truck Saturday morning
♥ Take Stephen's bedroom furniture to location where he will be living. (Friends from church doing this for me on Saturday morning)
♥ Pack the truck
♥ Hit the road!

Whew!  It doesn't help that I did something to my side and back yesterday and keep getting this stabbing pain in my lower abdomen and lower back.  First item on the agenda when we get settled in - get into shape!  

I'm probably going to have to put nap on that list because I've been up since 2 a.m.  Have a blessed day!