Friday, December 13, 2013


Do you remember the Push-me-pull-you creature from the book, Dr. Doolittle?  That's how I feel this week.  I'm working, working, working but nothing looks like it's being done.

This is it!  The last push before moving day.  In just 8 days we will be loading a truck and shoving off on a new adventure.  It's been a very difficult week with lots of tears and break-downs on my part.  It's hard not to feel incredibly sad at leaving people we've ministered to and been friends with for 10 years.

But, I can't sit around and cry.  I have to keep moving, so here we go.  And just so I will visually see that I have accomplished things, I'm continuing to post my list here.

Here is the list of things I've done since November 24th.  

♥ Finished 4 table runners, 1 tea cozy, 2 bread baskets, and 2 aprons 
♥ Make pies & bread for Thanksgiving orders 
♥ Trip to dentist  
♥ Drop off items at boutique
♥ My own Thanksgiving dinner
♥ Set up Christmas tree - there will be a revolt if I don't have the tree.
♥ Haircut for me
♥ Cut Dan & Nathan's hair
♥Went to my sisters for the weekend
♥Took car to garage to replace water pump.
♥Get rid of piano
♥Get rid of entertainment center 
♥ Fill out school papers for Emily's new school (a huge packet). 
♥ Take medical form to doctor for signature
♥ Help Nathan with resignation letter for his job
♥ Dan got a post office box at the new place
♥ Packed 40 boxes 
♥ Purge all the clothes in the house & bag up those going to thrift store   
♥ Visit 2 different friends for lunch 
♥ Change the address at the post office
♥ Make cookies for a cookie swap
♥ Divvy out all the computer files to different people in the church who are taking over my jobs
♥ Purge craft items that I don't use and give away.
♥ Call friends to get specifics on Stephen's living arrangements 
 ♥ Pack up fabric I'm giving away
♥ Post furniture on facebook that I'm giving away 
♥ Friend's Christmas open house
♥ Go to Joann Fabric to pick up fabric for order
♥ Drop off order
♥ Drop off clothing at clothing bin
♥ Cookie swap; package cookies
♥ Set up phone & internet in new house.
♥ Doctor appointment to get results of sleep study
♥ Pull furniture that's going out of Emily's room
♥ File quarterly sales tax return for the business
♥ Take down curtains in the house, wash and pack
♥ Fill out and fax forms to get the house electric put back in the church name 
♥ File an annual report for the church
♥ Pull all clothes out of Master bedroom dressers as the furniture is going to a friend
♥ Vacuum cobwebs in the corners and on ceilings downstairs and in Master bedroom  
♥ Narrow down the furniture to what's going and what's being given away
♥ Figure out how to get Stephen's furniture to his new apartment

Final things for this week
♥ Follow-up on services for Nathan
♥ Call someone about hauling away junk
♥ Fire house giving us a going away party tonight (Friday)
♥ Will be gone all day Saturday for a surprise anniversary party for my aunt & uncle We ended up not going because of a snow storm.
♥ Entered checkbook figures on Excel spreadsheet from April-December to get ready for taxes.  This took almost the entire Saturday!
♥ Made some Christmas cookies Made 5 different kinds
♥ Farewell potluck after church
♥ People coming to pick up various pieces of furniture this week
♥ Call and fill prescriptions as our benefits end this Friday
♥ Cancel phone
♥ Cancel internet
♥ Christmas gifts for extended family are on their way
♥ Dinner with friends on Monday night
♥ Someone stopping by to pick up books on Tuesday morning
♥ Christmas dinner with local pastors on Tuesday nightCanceled due to the snow
Clean Emily's room top to bottom (wipe down walls, baseboards, furniture and vacuum)
♥ Clean Stephen's room top to bottom (wipe down walls, baseboards, furniture and vacuum)
♥ Christmas gifts for children done
♥ Someone coming to haul away junk on Thursday morning
♥ Dinner with friends on Friday night
♥ Withdraw Emily from school
♥ Pick up craft items from the stores that carry them (I've decided to close down that side of the business after discovering I lost $800 this year after doing more than a hundred hours of work)!

♥ Take Stephen's bedroom furniture to location where he will be living.
♥ Go to laundromat to do all the bedding
♥ Finish packing 
♥ Check on Stephen's car registration

I know that there are things I'm forgetting right this minute and I'll come back and edit and add them, but that is more than enough to keep me going! 

So let me push-me-pull-you right through the week.  :-)