Friday, January 3, 2014

Working up a Sweat

It's cold here today.  Very cold.  -5F and -27F with the windchill factor.  And it's snowing.  Surprise, surprise! So I figured it's a good day to work up a sweat.  And my poor family doesn't realize what's in store for them yet. :-)

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, this house is much smaller than the one we moved from.  It does have a large sunroom which I love and decided to make that into my dining room.  However, after being here for almost 2 weeks, I need to make some changes.

I really would love my dining room to look like that and not like a cluttered mess.  There are shelves that line one wall and because I don't have a sewing room, all of my craft items are there.  The games are on the shelves.  And it looks sloppy.

Emily's bunny is along one wall and she makes a sloppy mess all the time.  She's been an indoor bunny since we got her 2 years ago and I don't have the heart to put her out in the cold barn.  She can't go in Emily's room because it's too small and Emily is allergic to her so the sun room is the only room she'll fit in.

Stephen is living there right now and it's a mess.  The poor guy is living out of boxes until he goes back to college next weekend so it's really not his fault, even though he generally is messy anyway.  

This is also the entrance everyone uses. So with constant snow, you can imagine what that end of the sunroom looks like.  Coats hung on pegs on the walls.  Boots & shoes strewn in a pile.  Gloves and miscellaneous items along the stone lip that lines the wall.  

It's driving me batty!

So.....I decided to rearrange, move, organize and generally work up a sweat today to move things around.  The original room that was intended for a dining room is going back to that.  The chair, ottoman and large bookcase that I currently have in the dining room and using as a reading area is being moved to the sunroom.  

My intention is to make the sun room and multi-purpose room for my crafting and sewing, a reading area and a place for Stephen to crash when he comes home.  It'll be messy but with all that going on, it won't bother me as much as it does right now!

So, I'm off to stay warm in the midst of cold weather!  I'll show pictures of the final results.  Of course, I may decide I don't like it and put it all back.  The joys of moving! lol