Monday, March 24, 2014

An Outpouring

When I was 12 years old, I felt God's pull on my life.  I clearly remember sensing that my life was to be spent in service to Him.  I wasn't sure what that meant or where it would lead, but even at that young age, I knew that my life was to be used in a different way.
As I heard of Jesus death on the cross, I wept at the thought that he did that for me.  He loved this world so much that he was willing to pour out his life for a world that rejected him.  Because of his sacrifice, how could I not want to turn around and have my life, every part of it, be poured out for him? 
It can be hard at times.  There are struggles.  There are times of trials and temptations.  Times of tears and wrestling.  Times of fighting off selfishness.  Yet, there are times of obedience, of thanksgiving, and triumph.  Through all of those times, each of us are to pour ourselves out for Christ.
The wonderful thing about pouring yourself out for other people while staying close to the source of Living Water, is that your cup keeps getting filled back up.  You don't run dry.  You are able to be refreshed and bring that refreshment to others.
And that is what makes that call on my life so rewarding. 
My new book, Poured Out: 52 Weekly Devotionals for Today's Woman is now available both on Amazon and my website.
Poured Out provides short, weekly devotionals to encourage today's women as they pour their lives into their families, friends, neighbors and coworkers.  It is designed to challenge, and yet, at the same time offer encouragement in your daily walk with Christ. At the end of each devotional is space to journal your own thoughts.  
Let's be encouraged as we pour a cup of cold water out on a thirsty world!  I want to continue to pour out my thanksgiving by numbering my blessings each week.
This week I'm thankful for blessings #1981-1990
1981.  Making my dollars stretch each week.
1982. A wonderful time, speaking and encouraging women at a local church.
1983. Safety in traveling.
1984. Teaching a young friend how to sew.
1985. Hearing talented people make beautiful music.
1986. The honesty of children.
1987. Being a listening ear to a friend.
1988. Entertaining a multitude of people all week.
1989. Helping my daughter get ready for a special night.
and finally...
1990.  Pouring out my life for Christ.