Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crafty Things

The temperatures are still cold here and it has snowed a bit the past few days, but spring is in the air.  The one major change is the amount of birds I hear when I walk out the door.  The past few afternoons when I've gone out my back door, there have been a few deer staring me at me from the empty lot behind our house.  Things are definitely changing.

I've also started to wake up in the craft department.  I'll be a ladies retreat next weekend and will have a table of books and crafts.  A local bed and breakfast and antique store will be carrying my items too.  That opens up in May.  So I've realized I need to get moving to have enough items to stock the store.  I will also have a table at the local farmer's market once a week, beginning at the end of May.  So there are lots of upcoming events happening.

This week was all about table runners and I actually made three this week.  The photos didn't turn out the best because I took them without a lot of natural light around.

Yellow runner (42" x 17 1/2")


Purple runner (32" x 19")

Purple runner (42" x 19")

I'm still tacking down the binding on the back of the two purple runners but as soon as they are done, they'll be going into my Etsy shop too.

One more item that I whipped up this afternoon.  A clothespin/multi-purpose bag.

What have you been working on this week?