Friday, March 28, 2014

Frugal Friday

We are in one of those very tight weeks and I've been trying to come up with creative ways to keep my family happy, yet fed.  It's not always easy as I have one with major sensory issues so there are certain foods that bring up a gag reflex.  However, I am persevering. :-)

Some ways I've saved money this week.

$ I have a bank account for my business (crafts & books I've written).  When I opened it, there was no monthly charge.  However, they changed their policy and I've been charged $20 per month since January.  In a different conversation with the bank, this came up, and they took care of it and reversed the charges and will no longer charge my account.  So I earned back $60 and saved $ 120 for the year.  Whoo hoo!!!!

$ Dan picks up Emily every day from track practice and because she has him wrapped around her little finger (lol) he was stopping at McDonald's every day to purchase a frappe. It is only a $1 and I certainly don't want to take away from this special treat they do together.  However, after having a conversation about how the little things add up, they agreed on doing it as a special treat on Monday and Friday afternoon.  $2 per week, as Dan never gets one. 

$ I made a pot of lentil soup the other night that was delicious as well as inexpensive. 

 photo a3b61589-20b0-4b8e-879a-2a07cd8d0fca_zpsb230c7f7.jpg

$ I haven't purchased fabric since I used my birthday money back in January.  I've been trying to make due with what I have and added quite a few new things to my Etsy shop.  Someone gave me a bag of rick-rack, binding, lace and ribbon and that has been coming in handy in my sewing projects.

$ Because the publishing company I use changed their policy, I saved $25 that I normally would pay for the distribution allowance of my new book, Poured Out: 52 Weekly Devotionals for Today's Woman.

$ Someone gave me cookies that were leftover from a woman's Bible study at the church so my kids have been happily munching on those.

$ Emily slept over at a friend's house last Saturday and went to church with her.  She brought home two bags of rolls and bread that the church was giving away.

$ I wanted to decorate a bit for our Bible study on Monday night and the theme this year is "Let's Have Coffee."  So I used some coffee beans I had and a candle and viola! a table decoration.

$ My daughter went to a semi-formal last Friday night.  We found this dress on the clearance rack and it was half off.  Total cost - $22.50.

I think that's about it this week.  Love saving money!  Go and visit Rebecca's blog for more money saving ideas.