Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Nathan turns 23 today.  How did that happen? 

He has been through so many struggles in his short life and yet, has accomplished so much too.

The boy that we were told would never be able to talk clearly, articulates things quite well.  He is witty, able to express quite deep thoughts given time to process them, and lets us know daily what he thinks and feels about a wide range of topics.

The son who used to cower, screaming in the corner, at every new noise or situation goes off to work a full-time job, meeting new people on a daily basis.

The child who would not leave our side just 5 years ago now drives and goes off to the store, the bank, the gas station, the fire station and all sorts of places without us.

The boy who we were told may never live on his own is growing by leaps and bounds and moving towards independence.

The son we wept for, prayed for, and agonized over has turned into the man we still pray for but who makes us so proud.

He has turned into a fine young man.  Does he still have challenges?  Yes.  Is every day still a struggle for him in some way.  Yes.  Are we optimistic and hopeful about his future.  Absolutely.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!  We love you!