Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Love this Man

I love this guy.

He is quirky and has a goofy sense of humor and makes everyone laugh.

He is disciplined.  He sets goals and achieves them because he gets up and does what he is supposed to do every, single day.  It doesn't matter how he feels or how much sleep he got or the circumstances.  He does what he needs to in order to accomplish those goals.

He is easy going.  Things roll off his back.  He doesn't hold grudges.  He gets along with everyone.  There are no hidden meanings behind the things he says.  You can take him at face value.

He loves the Lord.  His desire is to grow spiritually and to help his congregation grow spiritually.  He takes his job seriously.  He prays for the people in our church all the time.

He loves people.  He could be around people 24 hours a day and be perfectly content.   Even though he sometimes has a hard time saying all the right things, he loves those the Lord brings under his care.

He is selfless.  He puts the needs of myself and his children above his own.  I've never known him to think of himself first.  If someone calls and needs him, he drops everything to be there.  The picture above shows this.  He dug that garden by hand even though he really didn't want to do it.  He did it even before I asked him because he knew how much I wanted a garden.

He is loved.  I love him.  His children adore him.  His friends love him.

I'm very glad the Lord brought him into my life.