Monday, May 5, 2014

Multitude Monday

It's been a long winter and spring has been late coming to Central New York.  But despite the rain and cool temperatures, flowers are poking their way out of the ground.  Birds are every where and there are signs that spring is, in fact, here to stay.

So often when we go through hard times, we can feel as if the sun will never shine.  Spring will never come.  Things will never get better.

And yet, as believers, there is hope.  Hope that the Lord will walk beside us to help us through the rough patches.  That He will work in us to change those issues that need to be redeemed.  That He will work through us to shine His light to those around us.

The winter will end.  Spring does come.  The sun will shine.  Hope is renewed. 

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2026-2040.

2026. A week of productivity.

2027.  A wonderful time, sharing with the women of a local church on the importance of prayer.

2028. An opportunity for my son to be a blessing to another.

2029. Nathan's hours have been increased to 40 for the past few weeks and coming weeks.

2030. A beautiful worship service yesterday.

2031. Cleaning up a mess that's been bugging me for a while.

2032. My husband who is a wonderful father.

2033. Realizing my daughter's smile has been shining much more the past month (the move was rough on her).

2034. The fun of trying new things.  i.e. soap making

2035. Waking to gorgeous sunshine today.

2036. Celebrating 23 years with my oldest.

2037. Praying with God's people.

2038. The joy of singing and voices blending together in harmony.

2039. Stores that are close.

and finally...

2040. Spring has arrived!