Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Greatest Role

"What activity do you have in your life that helps you feel closer to the Lord?" 

This was a question that was asked in our Bible study last night.  As I reflected on all the many things I do from teaching children at church to leading a Bible study to writing books, I realized that the time I feel the closest to the Lord and the times when I'm communing with Him the most is when I work at my job as a homemaker.

There is something about supporting my husband and children and helping things to run smoothly at home that gives me a contentment that nothing else does.  In fact, I find I spend more time in prayer doing the every day ordinary things than I did when I worked outside the home in full-time ministry.

As I work at preparing meals or doing laundry or vacuuming, I spend time in prayer for my family and my church family or other needs that come to mind.  As I pack a nutritious lunch for my sons as they go off to work, I pray for their day.  As I fold my daughter's clothes, I pray that she will grow close to the Lord.  As I make the bed or clean the master bathroom, I pray for my husband's ministry.  As I make a batch of soap or sew an apron, I pray for those I'll come in contact with through my sales venues.

Supporting my husband in ministry and being available to go visit with him, or lend a listening ear as he shares something the Lord is revealing to him is important to me.  Being at the "command center" is a wonderful place to be so I can put out fires, set up appointments, run to the school if my daughter needs me and be available for our church members is a critical part of my life.

I know in this day and age, this is not something that most women aspire to be, and most look on it with scorn.  And I struggled for years with feeling like I should be doing something more important with my life.  After all I have a master's degree! 

I've had many roles in my married life....

"Director of Family Literacy"
"Administrative Assistant"
"Who's Who Among Young Professional Women"
"Pastor's Wife"
"Assistant Director"

Yet, the role of "homemaker", "wife" and "mother" bring me greatest joy.   And why shouldn't they?  I've raised (and still am) children who love the Lord.  They are compassionate, caring, and responsible young adults now.  My husband loves me and values what I do.  God loves me and values what I do!

And that is all that really matters, isn't it?

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