Thursday, June 5, 2014

Choosing the Best

Summer is upon us here in Central New York and my life went from not being so busy to insanity virtually overnight.  I'm participating in a number of things and if I'm not careful my priorities can shift and get all mixed up.

My priorities generally go like this: God, husband, children, church family, craft business, outside ministry.  Everything I participate in is generally good; but it may not be the best.  So I have to look and see if the things I choose are in line with what I consider a priority and let go of those who don't.

This week I had to say, "No" to two things and I generally have a hard time doing that.  But it's a matter of constantly evaluating what thing would suffer in order to do it.  If it's going to mean I'm not able to spend quality time with the Lord because I'm distracted with other things than I have to say, "No."  If my husband or children will end up getting the short end of the stick, then it's, "No."   If I'm spending so much time on building a business that I don't have time for my church family, then again, I have to say, "No."

I do quite a bit and probably more than many, but I usually always take the time to go through the checklist in my mind and see if I can keep my priorities, or if it will allow me to kill two birds with one stone.

For example, I participate in our town farmer's market and a local antique shop.  They both fit the criteria of checking my priorities because I am getting to know people in our community and minister to those I meet and at the same time, hopefully sell some things which is building up my business and contributing to our family income.  Another example, is I've been doing a sewing lesson a few times a month will a teen from our church.  It works around Dan's schedule so I'm keeping him at the top of the list, and it's helping a young woman learn some new skills and at the same time, I'm getting to know a family from church.

I never want to forget those priorities. What good is it if I'm running around doing wonderful things but my family is neglected?  What is the point of doing great acts of charity and community outreach and yet my home is falling apart or I don't have time to spend with the Creator who gave me the desire to reach out?  How is it good to spend so much time ministering to others and yet, I have no energy left over to minister to my own children?

My desire is to always choose the best.