Monday, June 30, 2014

Turning the Corner

A running joke Dan has with our congregation is that he keeps telling them he is new and can use that excuse for the next 6 months whenever he makes a mistake.  They laugh and good-naturedly tell him he can't use that too much longer.  But the reality is we are still very new here.  We arrived on December 21st and it's been 6 short months since we moved here.  That is a very short time to be in a tiny community where everyone knows each other.
I struggled for the first few months.  I felt like an outsider.  Because this church is so very different than our last one, I didn't know what role to play.  I had no idea how to take the things people say and do because they were so different than our previous congregation that we came to know intimately.  I lost all connection to my former friends and church family and yet didn't have any connection with my new one.  I felt like I didn't belong anywhere.  Being a pastoral family is difficult at times and unless you've been in that role, you have no idea how different it is.   I love it but that doesn't mean I don't struggle.
However, I truly feel like we have turned a corner and are starting to belong.  We are getting to know our neighbors.  We are getting to know our community.  We are developing friendships inside and outside the church.   It feels like "home" now and I love that!
This week I'm thankful for blessings #2116-2130.
2116.  Beautiful orange.
2117.  A new church sign that arrived after months of discussion and is awaiting installation.
2118.  A wonderful message my husband gave the seniors at their Baccalaureate service.
2119.  Soap sales.
2120.  Cool morning breezes on the deck.
2121.  Making progress on my garden.
2122.  Backyard games.
2123.  Emily passing all her regents examinations with good marks.
2124.  Stephen getting to visit friends this weekend.
2125.  Nathan who is learning to advocate for himself.
2126.  Morning visitors.
2127.  A wonderful anniversary celebration.

2128.  New visitors in church.
2129.  Silliness.
and finally...
2130.  Celebrating love in our new community.