Friday, July 18, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need to Chill

(Okay, I had no idea I got the bird in the shot until I just posted!)
I am always moving, always working, and always feel responsible for something.  It truly is hard for me to just relax without feeling some weird sense of guilt like I should be "doing."  I'm not sure where that comes from but I've always been that way.
It even carries over into housework.  If I'm not working on some sort of a to-do list every day then I feel lazy.  If I sit down to watch a movie, I very rarely make it through the whole thing because I think there is stuff I should be busy doing. 

Even this blog can become a burden at times, which is silly because I love to write.  But I can start to feel like I have to come up with some sort of inspirational post or else I have failed.  Ridiculous, I know.  That's why I decided that I'm not going to do the link-up for Frugal Fridays.  It has become another chore and something I MUST do rather than something I want to do as inspiration hits me.

So instead of the bits and pieces of how I saved money this week (and I will still do a post like that from time to time), I'm sharing pictures of an outing Dan and I went on the other day.

It was his day off and Emily is away at camp, Stephen was at work and Nathan would hate it (smile) so we headed off to Sodus Bay Lighthouse and Museum.  What a wonderful treasure which is about an hour away on Lake Ontario.  There are so many terrific places to see on this huge lake that we could spend all summer just visiting each of them.  We live about 3 minutes from it but this was a point further west.

We enjoyed wonderful scenery.  We got a guided tour of the lighthouse and learned some of the history of the area.  We climbed the tower and I managed it even with my fear of heights.  I did a lot of clutching of the wall.  :-)

We enjoyed an outdoor lunch right on the lake at a fairly inexpensive restaurant.

Then on the way home, we stopped back in at this little Mennonite fabric store and market.  I had been there the day before with a friend and they had awesome prices.  I was able to get a 50 lb. bag of flour for $20 as well as order a case of local blueberries (20 lbs.) for a fabulous price.  Looky there....I did do something frugal here.  lol

Anyway, it was a wonderfully relaxed day though Dan did have to remind me from time to time to chill out and enjoy it.  :-)