Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Words of Encouragement

2 Samuel 22:29 ~ "You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light."

Isaiah 42:16 ~ "I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them."

A few years ago, a freak windstorm blew through the area where we lived.  It only lasted about ten minutes, yet it brought down trees and limbs on power lines and we were without power for 7 hours. Of course, these things always seem to happen at night so we were in darkness for the first half of the night.

I don't know about you but I really hate when the power is off.  We don't have a generator which means we have no lights, no flushing toilets, no heat in the winter, no means to cook, no nothing!  We can't read nor do any of the normal activities that fill our evenings.  I feel very unsettled and down when this happens.  When the power company pulled up outside our house around 11:30 p.m. and finally flicked on the lights and power, relief and peace settled over me.

God is our light.  No matter how dark things seem, he is the lamp that brightens the darkness.  He sheds light onto our path and shows us the way to go.  In the midst of darkness he brings hope!  When we don't know which way to go, He will guide us and show us the way. 

That gives me peace!  Knowing that the Lord will always light the way and show me the direction to go is a comfort.  There are times when I can feel overwhelmed with my circumstances, but somehow the Lord always gives me hope because He is the light in my life.

So no matter what you are going through today remember that the Lord will illuminate your path.  He will cast light into the darkness and show you the way!