Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You are a Rainbow

Funny, organized, passionate, responsible, leader, and compassionate.  These are just a few adjectives that describe my friend, Lisa Buske.

It was roughly three years ago that I met Lisa.  I've shared here when her first book, "Where's Heidi? One Sister's Journey" was released.  That book was about the abduction of her only sister, Heidi Allen, who has never been found.  In the book Lisa shares how the Lord has worked in her life through this tragic event.

I was introduced to Lisa by a mutual friend and we connected at a couple of different conferences as well as online.  But who would have thought that we would end up in the same church?  That happened when Dan accepted the call to New Haven Community Alliance Church and we moved here in December.  I've enjoyed getting to know her better and seeing her every week and she has become a good friend.

Lisa has just written and published a children's book entitled, "YOU are a RAINBOW."  This book shares positive characteristics, traits, and attributes using the acronym for RAINBOW.  Lisa also has suggestions in the back of the book on how to use it as a spring board for activities ranging from Kindergarten to Adult. 

The more I get to know Lisa, the more I am discovering how creative she is too!  Lisa also illustrated this book and it's bright, colorful pages will keep your child's attention.

You can purchase all of Lisa's books on Amazon or directly through her website.  She also has other books she has written, "When the Waves Subside, There is Hope", "Encourage Others: One Day at a Time" and "No More Pain."  Again, you can get all of these on Amazon, her website and for those who live locally, Lisa will have them at the New Haven Farmer's Market each Monday.

Check out her books.  You will be encouraged!

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