Thursday, August 7, 2014

Create and Inspire

When we went to the 1,000 Islands the other day, I saw this flower garden that some of the community children had planted.  I really liked what it spelled out - create and inspire.  One of the things I love to do is create.  Years ago I thought that I had to be a wonderful painter or be talented at drawing or some art form to be considered creative.  However, I'm discovering that creativity is shown in many ways.
There is creativity in baking a pie and presenting it in a beautiful glass dish.

There is creativity when I take a handful of berries I picked for free and bake them into beautiful breakfast muffins.

There is creativity when I use my camera to get just the right shot, using lighting and bokeh.

I am showing creativity when I take a recipe and tweak it and make it my own (chard, garlic and parmesan bread and pepperoni bread).

There is the creativity that happens with my sewing machine.

I am creating when I pen a blog post or work on a book, using just the right wording.  I'm using my creativity when I present a Bible lesson to the children in our church in a new and interesting way.

Through all of this creating I am inspired to think of new things and new ways of doing something and I also hope that others find inspiration in this.  I don't share the things I do so that people will say, "Oh Terri is so awesome!"  I share them so that others will begin to realize the potential they have inside them to do some of these things.  Women will begin to see the value they have whether they are a stay at home mom or are out in the work force.

Dig down inside you and find that God-given creativity that we all have.  Then go out and inspire someone else!