Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just a Few Minutes

I have a list a mile long to accomplish and what do I do instead?  I sleep until 10 a.m.!  That is unheard of people.  Actually I couldn't sleep, was up at 5, had a cup of coffee and at 6 a.m. decided to lay back down for just a few minutes.  I really wish I hadn't lay down for those "few minutes" because I had terrible dreams.

I find that everything that's on my mind makes it way into my dreams.  So guess what I dreamed about last night?

"Opening a business."

"Failing at a business."

"Uh-oh, am I doing the right thing?"

"What if this sinks us?"

"What if this happens.? What if that happens?"

And on and on.  It ended with me waking up with knots in my stomach, a headache and feeling like I'm going to burst into tears. 

And all because I had to lay down for just a few minutes.