Monday, August 18, 2014

Living Life to the Glory of God

I belong to a message board and one of the sections on it is Living Life to the Glory of God.  I love the title because that is really what it's all about isn't it? Living our lives for God's glory. Yet so many live for their own desires and gratifications. They live for their own accolades and glory. They give very little thought to what God wants for their lives.
And before I get an amen, I'm talking about believers. We have a tendency to point our finger at the world, and forget that there are four fingers pointing back at us when we do that.  What about those who profess Christ?

Do we come to Him before we make a decision? Do we think if our words (ahem....gossip and criticism) please Him? Do we give God much thought at all, other than to go to church on Sunday? How much time do we spend reading His word and prayer? Do we throw a few minutes His way but spend hours on the internet, in front of the television or on the telephone?  Are your lives producing any fruit?

I know I fail quite often and I want to challenge us all this morning to truly live up to our name: children of God. As we go about our days let's make sure we are living lives that would please the Lord.   Let's think long and hard about our words, our attitudes and our actions. Let's repent if we need to do that.

Then lets go out and live our lives to the glory of God!