Friday, August 22, 2014

Make it a Good One

I'm reading a book by John C. Maxwell entitled Today Matters.  In it he discusses 12 daily practices to be successful.  The thing that has struck me the most in the book is the need to make the most of the day you are in.  So much of our lives are sent in wasteful, worthless pursuits.  Most of us live reactionary lives instead of living a life of preparation and planning.

Today is the only day you may have.  Make it a good one.

Today I plan on working in the shop, getting it ready for my opening on September 3rd.

Processing the mountain of tomatoes from my garden.

Making nutritious meals for my family.   This was last night's dinner - chard, garlic and parmesan bread as well as pepperoni bread and salad.

Making items for the shop.

Spending time with this beauty.

Those are just a few things for today. 
Today matters.  Make it count.  Make it productive.  Make it a good one!