Monday, August 25, 2014

Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine and give God the glory, glory!

Do you remember that little chorus?  I love getting up before everyone else is stirring, sitting on my deck and just giving Him praise for another new day.

A day to live my life for Him.
A day to love on my husband and children.

A day to be productive and busy.

A day to start over.

A day to just enjoy each moment as it comes my way.

Mondays generally are a day that people grumble their way through.  I love Mondays.  Mondays are marvelous.  Mondays are magnificent.  Mondays are full of a multitude of blessings!

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2166-2170.

2166.  Beautiful tomatoes from the garden.  This is the first year in a long time that I haven't dealt with blight or blossom end rot.

2167.  Friends who love and support me.

2168.  Hearing my son's testimony in church yesterday.

2169.  A daughter who makes me smile every day.

2170.  Meeting a new friend and connecting immediately.

2171.  A shop that's coming together.

2172.  My husband who supports me and loves me.

2173.  The yeasty smell of bread rising.

2174.  A very large, custom Etsy order.

2175.  Confirmation of a decision.

2176.  A wonderful time of prayer and praise in church yesterday.  There was such a sweet spirit of encouragement and joy in the service.

2177.  The comfortable feeling after a nap.

2178.  Checking items off the to-do list.

2179.  Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

and finally....

2180.  Praising my Savior each morning!