Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Moon, Super God, Super Exciting Happenings

I happened to glance out our window last night to see the Super Moon rising above the church roof and I ran out to get a shot.  It was so beautiful and once again, I was reminded of how we serve a super God. 

He is a God who created such beauty on a grand scale and yet, cares for the intimate details of my puny, unimportant life.  That's is awesome!  He knows the desires of our hearts and often, gives those to us.

Which leads me to the super exciting happenings of my life!

One of the my dreams, from the time I was a young teen, was to own a little shop.  When I was younger we lived above a Christian bookstore and gift shop that was run by my church.  I loved going down there and hanging out and imagining that I owned it.  I've always envisioned a cross between a gift shop, book store and little country store. 

Of course, money is tight and that just seemed like it would never happen so I just kept thinking, "Someday."  Well guess what? Someday is here!  The little antique shop and craft store that carries my things will now be mine to run.  The owner approached me about renting the shop so that she can focus on the bed and breakfast she is opening in the main house.  She and her husband were more than generous so beginning September I will be renting the shop and managing it how I see fit.

I am keeping some of the antiques and want to expand it to have gift items, books, cards, and craft items.  I've already gotten a few more vendors interested and will be expanding the hours of business.  It currently is only open Friday night and Saturday & Sunday afternoon from May-December.  I will be expanding the hours and it will be year round.

I'm moving my sewing and craft business out of my house and over there (Whoo-hoo!  More space).  The nice thing is that I will be setting my own hours and can work it around family and church.  Plus I'll be out in the community, meeting people and making new contacts. 

I keep pinching myself.  :-) 

So our Super God who created the Super Moon has given me a Super life!

I'm happy.