Thursday, September 25, 2014


I've had such full, busy days lately but if you've read my blog for any length of time you know, I love it! :-)
This week was filled with cleaning the house, continuing to pull tomatoes off the vine.  Those grape tomatoes did fantastic this year.
I've been watching Emily's tennis matches.  The school is about a block away from the shop so it's great that I can get over there just in time to see her play.  She has improved so much and yesterday she was bursting with pride because her coach, who is sparse in his praises, went out of his way to tell her how well she is doing.
I've made bread for the shop.  I've been taking orders so I don't end up with leftover bread and each week the amount is increasing.

I just got a bunch of new fragrance oils in and can't wait to make some new candles in fall scents.  These have long since flown off the shelf!  I hardly sold a candle all summer and in the past 2 weeks have sold 10.
We went to an open house for Emily's school last night and she got great reviews from all her teachers.  The consensus from every last one was that her grades are good, she gets her work done and she has a sweet personality. What more could I ask for? :-)

I finished up an order for 60 tea totes.

I've sent a care package off to Stephen who is doing very well in his new college.  He is at my old alma mater and is planning on going into full-time ministry.  My mama's heart is bursting with pride!
Nathan is busy with his job and while it's not the best and has many challenges, he is making the best of it.  His biggest problem is not having enough to do. :-)  He is a lot like his mother and gets energy from being busy and productive.  When he's not, he feels very discouraged.
I'm off to a woman's retreat this weekend and am looking forward to seeing old friends and refilling my tank!
Have a blessed day, my friends!