Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dan left a few moments ago to pick up Stephen from his college dormitory.  He's coming home for Thanksgiving.  I'm excited!  A week with all my chicks in the nest. 

The turkey is purchased as well as the majority of food for the Thanksgiving meal.  We also purchased items for a second meal for a Thanksgiving basket.

The ingredients for Christmas cookies are purchased.  Epic fail this year.  I usually have a ton of different kinds in the freezer already.  Not one cookie has been made this year so that is on the agenda over the next few weeks.

I brought home all my fabric in anticipation of the shop closing.  I actually will be closed after Saturday until the big Christmas event in town on December 6th.  The landlady is moving a lot of her stuff in to sell and needs time to set it up.  And that's fine.  More time with my family!

I will be participating in a craft fair next Saturday so I'll have some venue to make sales. I've been busy preparing Advent readings for church.  Thanksgiving will be here next Thursday and Christmas is coming!

Love the anticipation.  Molly, the bunny, is even excited. :-)