Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Going Hog Wild

I had this whole long, serious blog posted but then decided I needed some lightheartedness today.  Sometimes it's better to just look at the lighter side of life.  I've been going hog wild with things lately.

* I got super motivated the other night and between Sunday night and yesterday, made 40 note cards.  Some are for a local inspirational gift shop that requested more, some are for a couple upcoming craft fairs.


* I looked out the window yesterday, in time to see this monstrosity trot by my back window.  All I was able to get was the back end of him and so sorry about the not nice view.  Someone in town is missing a pig!  lol  Another thing to add to my list: Things you See in a Rural Community.  :-)

* I'm sitting in the midst of piles.  Piles of laundry.  Piles of papers.  Piles of craft items.  Piles of vendor things that need to go back to them.  I'm thinking if I could put the piles into furniture shape, I'd have some more seating.  Okay, I haven't gone hog wild with decluttering.

* Dan & I are off to a pastor's get together today and I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a few hours.  Good friends, food, encouragement.  Ingredients for a good day and I don't want to go hog wild with my eating.  By the way, still holding steady at a 26 lb. weight loss.

There you have it.  Boring to most people but certainly not to me!