Friday, November 21, 2014


I went through my old photo albums last night and got to reminiscing about my life.  I've been so blessed with great friends and wonderful memories.

One of the few that stuck out to me was this photo.

It mostly struck me at how happy and content I look.  And I was.  Holding that little one just brought such nurturing feelings out in me.  Her mother and father were close friends and I still keep in touch with them today via Facebook.  In fact, we were chatting about it last night and this tiny thing is now 27 and a gorgeous beauty.  I also babysat for her cousin whose parents are also good friends.  Their daughter is 28 and I feel old!

I've played many roles in my life - public relations director of the year, administrative assistant, director of an adult literacy program, teacher, and shop owner.  However, the one that stands out to me and means the most is mother.

I loved holding my children in my arms as babies while they nursed.  I sang to them.  I read to them.  I rocked them and played silly games with them. 

There have been times of frustration, sadness, and gut-wrenching pain.  But I would not trade those moments for anything in the world.

My children are grown and growing up - 23, 21 and 15.  Yet my role as mother is still important.  I'm still the one they come to when there is a problem.  They still look to me when they are sick.  And they still want me to cook for them.  lol

I closed the shop today.  Stephen got home late last night from college, Nathan woke up with a stomach bug and Emily has a sprained ankle from a fall in gym class.  Given all that, plus the snow we got last night, I decided my family needs me more.

Even though my children don't need me as much, I'm thankful for those times when I'm able to care for them.