Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Putting Out Fires

I feel like my life is spent putting out fires.  The little fires that if they go unattended can grow into a large forest fire.
There are the "canning fires."
The cabbage I bought last week and turned into sauerkraut was ready to be sealed into canning jars so that's what I spent yesterday morning doing.  I have a half a bushel of apples sitting in the kitchen that need to be dealt with some of today will be spent with that.
As you can see my pantry shelves are kind of a mess! :-)  I really need more space so I can make things neat but I'm making do with what I have.

There are the business fires.
I worked on some candles for an order.  These are pumpkin spice and so yummy smelling!

I received an order for 12 bars of rise and shine soap for a Christmas gift, so I made some of that yesterday afternoon too.
Every single inch of space in my kitchen is taken up with soap supplies, candle supplies, canning supplies and so on.  I need to truly figure out a better plan for all this stuff.  The problem is space is extremely limited so I'll just have to improvise.
There are the relationship fires.
I spent some time chatting with Emily and giving her advice about a friend who being unkind.  I could have just sympathized with her (and I did).  I could have just comforted her (which I also did).  But I also talked with her about looking at it from God's perspective.  How does He feel about this?  I know parents who just jump in with "How dare she treat you that way," but this is the time to teach our children how to grow as Christians.  I ask questions such as "What is going on in their life to cause them to behave this way?"  I'm also constantly reminding my children that as Christians we do have to act differently, turn the other cheek, forgive, etc.  It's a hard lesson and one that often comes with maturity but a lesson that needs to be taught to our children.
I spent time talking with Stephen on the phone last night about a situation he is dealing with, as well as reminding him of a few things he needs to be doing.  I spend time with Nathan almost every day, talking him through various situations.
Our job of parenting never really ends, does it?  :-)
There are housekeeping fires.
I'll be honest and say, "My house is a wreck."  It just seems that there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done that needs to happen.  Most of what I deal with here is clutter.  Piles of papers.  Piles of shoes.  Piles of clothes.  Pile of craft items.  Piles, piles, piles. 
I'm looking forward to the winter when I'll have some more time to work on organizing this place.
There are church fires.
There are people to visit, things that need doing, visiting or having people over that needs to happen and I love every minute of it!  It's just that I need to find time to do more of this.  My heart's desire is always to be available for people so this fire needs to be one of my top priorities.
There you have it!  Nathan is not the only fire fighter in the family.  :-)  Today, I'm sure I'll be putting out more fires.