Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Heart of Generosity

When Emily was little she would go around the house, finding little treasures and wrap them up and give them as gifts.  She would gift us on our birthday, Christmas or "just because."  She would give gifts to our landlord and neighbors.  She would buy little trinkets with her money to give to her friends.  Her little heart was bubbling over with generosity. 

And she still has this spirit about her.  Last night we were talking and she said she made a list of her friends to whom she wants to purchase gifts for Christmas.  When I asked how many were on the list, she said, "15!"  Yikes!  Yet, I would never want to quell that generous spirit in her because this is what we've tried to teach our children over the past 20+ years.

We want them to be generous not just with their possessions, but with their lives.  We've tried to teach them to extend grace in a generous dose to those who hurt them, to those who are annoying and to those who may not deserve it.

We serve a God who is generous to us.  Shouldn't we be the same?

* So when someone messes up, we try to remember that they are fallible and not have to point out the mistake.

* When someone says mean-spirited things to them, we want them to turn the other cheek and forgive without retaliation.

* When someone needs something - whether it be financial help, or something as simple as a listening ear and a hug, we have taught our children to be there.

* When someone needs some of our time, we want to be willing to put aside some of ours to meet their needs.

My children aren't always successful in this, but neither are we.  But as a family, we just get back up and try again.

My desire as their mother is that my children will develop a heart of generosity because I truly believe that having this type of heart and personality will take them far in life.  They will be happier people because of it.  They will have the type of heart that God desires from His people.