Thursday, December 18, 2014

Confessions of a Farmer's Daughter
My friend, Jody Gates, is a fellow pastor's wife in our district.  We both homeschooled our children, love to write, and have other similar interests.  Of course, because we lived about 4 hours apart we only got to see each other a couple of times a year at our district women's retreats.  So most of our interaction was online.  Since Dan & I have moved last year Jody and I are now less than an hour a way and get together every couple of months for coffee and catching up.   Jody was such an encouragement to me when I wrote my books and now I get to reciprocate.
That is because she just released her first book, Confessions of a Farmer's Daughter.  In Confessions Jody shares how the perfect life she envisioned as a wife and mother doesn't match up to her reality.  It is an honest look at the struggles many women face as their real life doesn't live up to the fairy tale world they thought they would find.  She also gives us a look into the emotions surrounding the untimely death of her father.
I loved the book because I was able to relate to almost all of the struggles that Jody faced.  I learned something new about my friend and saw why we connected so well.  Jody has walked through many of the things I still struggle with at times.  She writes with transparency and yet, points her readers back to Christ who can change us from within.
It's an easy read and I would recommend this book to not just ministry wives but anyone who finds themselves wishing their life was different.  Jody truly does live her life for the Lord and has come through an internal struggle with a great perspective and strong faith.
You can find her book on Amazon by clicking on the picture above or by going to her blog, Jody Lynne,
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