Monday, December 8, 2014

Multitude Monday


As a teenager, I very clearly remember sitting one warm, sunny day on a boulder on the side of a mountain and pouring out my heart to God.  I wanted to serve Him.  I wanted to live my life for Him.  And I wanted to be His servant.  These were the cries of my heart and the center of my prayers.

God has been good to me and answered those prayers.  Of course, as a young woman I had no idea of the difficulty in what I was asking.  I never realized how hard that would be and yet, there has been a tremendous blessing because I have tried to live out those prayers.

The blessing has come in the lives that have intertwined with mine in ministry.  The blessings are in the struggles because they keep me focused on the Lord.  The blessing is in seeing changed lives because of what Christ is doing through our ministry. 

Has my life been hard?  Yes.  Do I want to give up at times?  Yes.  Do I wish my husband and I had a "normal" job from time to time.  Sure.  But I would not change that prayer so many years ago because I can feel God's hand on me.  And for that, I am so thankful.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #2301 - 2315.

2301.  Christmas decorations.

2302.  A last minute blessing of being able to participate in the biggest craft fair in our town. 

2303.  Meeting new people.

2304.  Caroling at a senior housing center with our church.

2305.  Coffee with a friend and catching up.

2306.  Creativity in the kitchen.

2307.  An unexpected blessing that will help us with a major bill.

2308.  A new student for Dan to tutor which is helping us as well.

2309   Sunshine yesterday which is a rarity lately.

2310.  Christmas movies.

2311.  Peppermint hot cocoa.

2312.  Answered prayer.

2313.  A beautiful worship service.

2314.  My eldest who blessed us with a wonderful gift.

and finally...

2315.  The life the Lord has given to me.