Tuesday, December 30, 2014


So many times I feel as if I've failed as a parent. There are definitely mistakes we have made along the way; some minor and some major.   Yet, there are those times when things click and I realize that there are also many things Dan & I have done right.

I felt that way this weekend as I listened to Stephen discuss what he is learning in his classes with his grandmother.  I heard his passion for ministry and thanked the Lord for that!

I felt it when I saw how two brothers interact well together with love for each other. 

I see it when my children talk about the wonderful childhood they had and all the fond memories they've had of the different ministries and places we've lived.  Often I think that there are only bad memories, but I saw things through their eyes and much of what they talked about was good.

I love hearing Emily's heart for her friends, no matter what their situation and her ability to look past their behavior to see them through God's eyes.  It was neat hearing that her friends love coming here because they feel loved and accepted. 
My children actually admitted that they think I'm fun.  That made me laugh because I usually feel like all I do is scold them.

So while we both have made so many mistakes, God has been merciful and it was wonderful to hear about the good we have done this week!  Sometimes parents just need reassurance. :-)

And it's always so sweet!