Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Plotting a Course


I shared a few days ago about my word and verse for the year.  I did, however, still want to come up with a few goals to achieve this year.  I find if I aim at nothing, then nothing generally happens.. :-)  So part of being intentional is having a plan and plotting out my course for the coming year.

First of all, a look back at 2014.  I crossed out the things that I accomplished and notated the ones that didn't seem to work.

2014 Goals

►  Skip one meal a week to fast and pray. - Didn't happen at all
►  Have consistent quiet times each week.

Marriage Relationship
► Encourage my husband through my words and supporting him in ministry.  I don't think I can really cross this out because this is always a work in progress.  I certainly made a more conscious effort. 

► Have a date night twice per month 

Health & Nutrition
► Some form of exercise at least 5 days per week and at least 30 minutes each time Fail
► Get outside in the fresh air at least 20 minutes each day instead of staying cooped up in the house.  This happened most of the spring, summer and fall but the winter is just hard.
► Cut back on fatty foods & sweets
► At least 3 meatless meals per week.
► One salad per day  

The first three of these goals didn't happen at all. 
► Set aside $100 from each paycheck in a separate "emergency fund" account.
► Save $100 each paycheck in general savings.
► Curtail going out to eat or ordering out to twice a month.  We wasted so much money this past year because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to cook or didn't plan ahead when I had an event going on.  I always feel sick inside when I think of how that money could have been better used.
► Work on building up craft & book business 

Household Organization
► Come up with household organization journal Fail
► Deliberate cooking lessons with Emily  Fail
Garden put in this spring. 

► Pray and figure out what the Lord wants me to do and then be ruthless about not adding to that.  This is a huge mistake I made in our last church.  I took on more and more and all that did was make me feel overwhelmed and burned out and never allowed others to be able to use their gifts.
► Send out cards of encouragement on a regular basis.  Fail
► Invite a family over for dinner at least two times per month. I did great at this the first half of the year and then I got distracted and busy with the shop.  So this will definitely be back on my list for 2015.

►  Spend time doing the things I love and am gifted in - crafting, photography, creating, writing.  I struggle so much of the time with a weird sense of guilt assuming responsibilities that aren't mine to assume.  What happens is I run around feeling a bit joyless because I'm not working where I'm gifted.

► Work on living in the moment with my family, and not always stuck behind a computer screen.  In other words, when they are home - engage!  Spend my computer time for the times they aren't around or are busy.  Didn't do so well at this. :-(
► Work on the next book.  It's in the process. :-)  Finished this one and it was published at the end of March.

Overall, not too bad!  Obviously, I didn't achieve everything but I'm pleased that I as well as I did. 

Now on to 2015.

I'm only going to put a few goals in each category so they will get achieved.

* Consistent quiet times with the Lord each week.
* Go on a retreat this year to write, meditate and connect with the Lord. (by myself).

* Build up my husband with my words, and not tear him down.
* Take over a couple tasks to take the burden off him.
* Continue date nights

Health & Nutrition
* Lose 25 lbs.  I did lose 26 this past year but still have a ways to go.
* Consistent, weekly exercise.

* Put money way in an emergency fund every week.
* Pay off two bills (outstanding debt)
* Make up spreadsheet for our finances.

Household Organization
* Find a system for paperwork & mail and stick with it so I don't have piles of clutter.
* Come up with a cleaning schedule so things are getting cleaned consistently
* Find a more efficient plan for the garden so I can grow more and then consistently weed.

* Make a conscious effort to invite people over (at least twice per month)
* Focus on building relationships and less on "doing"

* Finish new book I'm working on. 
* Read at least one book each month.
* Work on not feeling guilty when I say no to people.  This is a tough one for me, but necessary if I'm going to be focused on the things I feel I should be doing.

There you have it!  I'm going to revisit these from time to time to make sure I'm being intentional about staying on track.