Friday, January 2, 2015

Year in Review

I always love looking back over the previous year and seeing some of the highlights.  2014 was such a strange year for us in so many ways, but good.  I am, however, looking forward to 2015 and seeing what it will bring.

Here is the year in review.


We moved to our new area and church and our district had an installation service for Dan.  Pastors from our district came and at the end of the service, laid hands on us and prayed for our ministry here.

The rest of the month was spent just getting used to snow and Stephen leaving us for the first time to go back to college.


Stephen turned 21!

We celebrated Valentine's Day and had an open house for our church family.


My book, Poured Out, was published.

We were still trying to get used to snow. :-)


Even though the calendar said spring, that didn't necessarily mean the weather followed suit.

It finally arrived though.


Nathan turned 23 on the 1st of the month.

Emily turned 15 on the 30th.


We celebrated Dan's 51st birthday and our 26th wedding anniversary.


We got to visit with old friends as we dropped Emily off at camp.

Flowers and veggies from the garden were the stars of this month.


Our inlaws came to visit and we spent some time in the 1,000 Islands.

Emily started tennis.


I opened my shop.


I had a visit from my Aunt and my cousin.  I haven't seen Jon in years so that was a wonderful afternoon.

We also had a visit from my brother and sister-in-law and our nephew.


We had a very quiet Thanksgiving at home.

I made the difficult decision to close the shop after only three short months.  There were circumstances which made this necessary so while it was a tough choice, I have peace about it.


December was mostly about celebration.

We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas eve service and then Christmas at home.  And then we went off to our inlaws for a few days.

Compared to years past it really didn't seem as if much happened this year but overall, it was a good year.