Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I'm trying very hard not to whine about the cold and snow but it's difficult!  My view every day is a blur of white.  No color; no change and no end.
So I'm looking to find color where I can and just pray that at the end of winter, I haven't totally lost my mind and gone batty! :-)
Lightly browned dinner rolls, straight from the oven.  Yes, I realize those aren't that colorful, nor would I want them to be!
Color on my cutting board.

Color from my sewing table.

The rare times I get flowers or can purchase them myself.  My last bunch died and I think it's time to head to Aldi! ;-)

I'm dreaming of these days......

But for now, I have this....

It's been nice knowing you all.  (Just joking).  But I did see this little meme the other day which made me burst out laughing.

The end will come. (I hope).