Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Joy in the Mundane

I used to live my life for the big, exciting moments.  Nothing thrilled my heart more than to have an adventure.  I still love new and exciting things.  I still enjoy the unexpected.  But I'm learning to find joy in the small, mundane every day things of life.

My blog is a mixture of things in my life.  Sometimes it's something I'm learning from God's word.  Other times it's about family or frugal things.  And sometimes it's on the every day occurrences.  Often, I'll get ready to do a blog post on something routine about my day and then I'll think, "Why am I even posting this?"  "Who really cares about my bread or sewing or every day life?"  But then I remember how inspired I felt by reading the blogs of others who found beauty and joy in every day life.

Because that is what much of life is about, isn't it?  It's not one big exciting event after another.  It's not some motivating, inspirational story.  Life is generally not a novel or action/adventure movie.  Life is getting up, going to work, paying your bills, buying groceries, cleaning your house and then starting it all over again 24 hours later.

But there is beauty in that if you look for it.  The beauty is in the joy and satisfaction you can feel in knowing you've done your very best that day.  Your best for your family, your friends and the Lord.  There is beauty to be found in your reactions to the trials you face.  Some will be tiny nuisances and others will be giants.  Yet, it's how we walk our Christian talk that matters.

Yesterday, I found joy in my mundane.

Baking bread.

Cleaning bathrooms.

Making valances for my living room windows.

Catching drips from a leaky ceiling.  The joy there was not the drips but that I managed to handle it without flipping out!  ;-)

Doing laundry.

Writing notes.

The smell of a French vanilla candle, made with my own hands.

There was joy in spending countless hours making nourishing, frugal meals for my family.

And finally, the joy at the end of the day as I fell into bed tired, but satisfied.

Find the joy in your mundane.  Trust me; you will be content!