Monday, February 9, 2015

Menu-Planning Monday

I don't always sit down and plan out my menus for the week because I do like spontaneity.   However, when my cupboards are getting bare and I'm trying to make things stretch I really need to do it.  It's a bit challenging because I have no meat in the freezer so I am going to have to pick up one or two things.

So this week, I'm going to figure out what I'll be making.  It doesn't necessarily mean I'll stick with it if inspiration strikes differently but at least it's something to shoot for.  My meal times are all over the place lately because everyone is on a different schedule.  I'm not writing out breakfast because everyone is on their own.

So here is the plan for this week:

L - Spicy chicken gumbo, homemade whole wheat bread
D - Fettuccini Alfredo, homemade Italian bread, tossed salad, blueberry pie

L - French bread pizza
D - Stir fry beef (leftover steak) & veggies, rice, tossed salad

L - Lentil soup
D - Baked salmon, homemade biscuits, macaroni & cheese, steamed green beans

L - Leftovers
D - Eggplant parmesan, linguini with marinara sauce, homemade focaccia, tossed salad 

L - Leftovers
D - Butternut squash soup in homemade bread bowls, lemon Garlic Chicken, Rosemary Potatoes, tossed salad

L - Homemade hot pockets
D - ? Not sure of the Valentine's Day plan yet

L - Shepherd's pie, homemade biscuits, green beans, peach cobbler
D - Leftovers