Thursday, February 12, 2015

True Love

Valentine's Day is coming up and I know for many women, it can be depressing.  This Hallmark holiday has been blown so far out of proportion.  If your loved one doesn't come up with some over the top, romantic way to demonstrate his love, then you feel depressed.  You begin to wonder, "What did I ever see in this man?"
Yet, love is not all about ooey-gooey moments and roses and chocolate.  It's in the ordinary moments that the most love is often shown.  Don't get me wrong, I love flowers as much as the next girl.  But don't let a commercial holiday make you doubt your honey's love.
Love is shown in this house in the every day, mundane things.
It's shown in the umpteenth time that my husband and son have to go out and shovel and do snow removal.
It's shown by my daughter who knows how to make me laugh.

It's shown by the countless messes I've cleaned up when the kids were sick.

It's shown in the countless loaves of bread I've baked and meals I've cooked.

It's shown by a father who drives his daughter to school each morning and picks her up each afternoon so she doesn't have to ride the bus.

It's shown in the candles at the dinner table to provide atmosphere.

It's shown as we have to talk our son who has struggles with social settings through another situation.

It's shown in the texts and phone conversations from my children and husband that end with "I love you." every single time.

It's shown in the Skittles sent to Stephen at college because we know how much he likes them.

It's shown by a husband who voluntarily does the dinner dishes every single night.

Love isn't shown by gushy romance here.  My husband isn't wired that way nor, to be honest, am I.  But I know he loves me with all his heart as I do him.  Love is shown in the small ways each and every day.  It's shown by being committed to each other.  It's shown in the ordinary and mundane.

If you spend all your time looking for the romantic moments, you may overlook the ways love is being shown right in front of you.  Look for those little ways to let your spouse and family know you love them.  And look for the ways you are shown love by them. 

That's true love!