Thursday, April 9, 2015


I've realized lately that this blog has changed some since I first started it in 2007.  Back then it was a journal of homeschooling, family life, church events, and basically, my life in general.  When I started blogging here my children were 8, 14 and 15.  But things change.  Children grow up and develop their own lives.  Circumstances change.  I change.

Now, it seems to have settled into more of a place to share Biblical encouragement with other woman, as well as still being a chronicle of my days.  And that's okay because that's the way life is, isn't it?  Change happens.  And it's not necessarily bad.  Just different.

Instead of homeschooling or going on family outings or coming up with wonderful new celebrations and dishes for my family, my days are different.  I am no longer responsible for every single event in the life of the church either.  So while at times, I think, "Wow! My life and this blog must be getting boring." I still find plenty to fill my days and to write about.

Most of my days are filled with soap making and sewing as my personal business grows.  God has opened up that door and while it feels a bit weird because it's not traditional "ministry" I have been able to meet new people in this community.  I am happy that I made the decision to bring the business back home though.  Rather than limit myself to one shop, I am getting to know a wider group of people by having my items in different stores.

My days are also filled with housecleaning as needed.  It's taken up with study as I prepare to write a blog post, or an article or talk or as I continue work on my book.  I find myself spending more time entertaining. 

Stephen is off at college.  Nathan is busy with work and the fire department or sleep. ;-)  Emily is always flitting from school to activities or to friend's homes or they are coming here.

It's a different life than I've had the past few years but it's a good life, and a full and busy life.  I don't always like change but it's not all bad.